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“Aquinas has been supporting our internal attendance team for two terms, bringing with them a streamlined, consistent and effective attendance management system to augment our existing practises.

Working together, we have seen improvements in school Attendance and presistent absence figures and they also provide us with an invaluable EWO Service“

Mrs M McGauley
Head Teacher of King John School

Mr J Osborn
Head Teacher of King Edmund School

“We Worked with Aquinas to improve our school attendance and PA rates between January 2017 and July 2018. Their professional, knowledgable approach and the way they workred with our own staff were exemplary.
We were able to rapidly establish a more coherent and effective approach that led to significant improvements in both attendance rates and PA rates.

I highly recommend them.”

“Aquinas has provided support to our attendance office and Senior Leadership team over the last two terms.

Aquinas has implemented their intensive, thorough intervention process, which has already resulted in clear improvements in our attendance data.“

Miss K Siggery
Head Teacher of Bursville Infant Academy

Mr. S. Turnbull
Head Teacher of Hazelmere Infant School

“We are delighted that our attendance has improved so dramatically.
This is down to a great team effort from our staff who have worked alongside alongside Jacqui Crombie from Aquinas School Attendance Provisions to support and challenge our families to get their children into school every day.

The response from families has been nothing short of spectacular.”

“The regular School Attendance Meetings have ensured our parents are on board and it has meant that it is one less thing for me, as Head Teacher, to worry about.
I know that my attendance officer has enjoyed working with you (Aquinas) and she feels that her role is stronger with you suppporting her.
We feel so proud that we have improved our attendance significantly to over 97%.”

Mrs. S. Bardetti
Head Teacher of Holland Haven Primary

Mrs. S. Armstead
Monkwick Junior School

“I've really appreciated the support from Aquinas and I feel Karen and I have a good working relationship. She is always available for help and advice. Karen and I have already discussed how we plan to move forward next academic year.”

“I can confirm that the service and work of Tom/Aquinas at our academy this academic year has been superb. He continues to be proactive, approachable and affable as well embedding and understanding the core values of the academy when going about his day to day work in the academy and on behalf of the academy.

I would state that the service has met our expectations this year and I hope that following a strategic conversation I have with Tom on a half termly basis, we will be able to identify our goals and outcomes for 2023-24 as an academic year and he can support us with achieving these targets. Tom is a strong member of our attendance team and is integral to the work we are doing moving forward .”

Mr. A. Stoneman
Vice Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Plume Academy

Ms C. Doyle
Assistant Headteacher, Harwich and Dovercourt High School

“Really happy with this year....I feel the team is really working as one - Aquinas and HDHS - onsite and throughout email communication.”

“We are very happy with the service provided and the effectiveness and efficiency has been excellent. I feel I work well with Tom and he is very knowledgeable and answers any queries I may have.”

Mrs V. Halliday
St. Helena School

Mr G Moore
Head Teacher of Hadleigh Junior School

“I have no concerns in recommending Aquinas to other schools. I am grateful for the extra capacity your service provides, without which we would not be able to challenge attendance as effectively.”

“Aquinas has exceeded my expectations and I feel we have made so much progress.”

Mrs L Kirby
Deputy Head Teacher of Chase High School

Mrs J Marriott
Attendance Ambassador, King John School

“Aquinas are definitely embedded in our Attendance Protocols and add an extra dimension to the support we can offer. Rashma has built up a strong relationship with staff and we are always appreciative of her advice. She is brilliant in this role and always goes the extra mile to support the school.”

“I have been very impressed with the support from Aquinas...we would have struggled without the support and expertise. We are genuinely very grateful for all the support and guidance Aquinas has provided this year to our school.”

Miss K Lambert
Deputy Head Teacher of Castle View School

“All good with Gemma, she’s totally approachable and I think enjoys coming to see us. Always good to see her.”

Mrs. K. Jay
Braiswick Primary

Mrs. P. Derwin
Head Teacher of Hazelmere Junior School

“We have found your services and support this year so beneficial. As Headteacher, I have ‘gained’ a considerable amount of time back in employing Aquinas services so I consider it to be great value for money in terms of leadership of the school.

The attendance reports which are produced termly are informative, and I use these to share progress for attendance with governors. By Aquinas holding SAMs with parents, it removes the ‘school’ from the equation and Aquinas then plays an impartial role in driving improvements to raising school attendance.

Based on our attendance data this year and amongst other great headline news, we have seen the greatest improvement in attendance in school history.”


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